Tantus Dragon Tail

Tantus Dragon Tail


Sometimes you want stingy, sometimes thuddy, and sometimes… you just want to wag the tail. Introducing the Tantus Dragon Tail! The narrow tip gives an amazing bite and it’s perfect for targeted impact. Invert the toy and the handle gives a nice thuddy hit. The handle also offers up to nearly 7 inches of insertable length so you too can be the best dragon you can be.

  • Material: Silicone

  • Insertable Length: 6.75" / 17.41 cm

  • Handle Diameter: 0.53" / 1.34 cm 

  • Handle Width: 0.4" / 1.02 cm

  • Tongue Length: 7" / 17.78 cm

  • Total Length: 16.75" / 42.5 cm

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