Spareparts Joque Harness

Spareparts Joque Harness


The Joque has two internal mini vibrators pockets one above and one below the O-ring. This improved design allows for extra vibration stimulation of your toy, as well as for the wearer and the receiver. The contoured pouch has more curve and is shaped more in line with the natural bikini line. Created with high quality Nylon / Spandex the Joque has boast tag-less labels, is also incredibly lightweight, and is soft and smooth against your skin. Joque comes in a Stylish black matte recyclable/ re-usable/ storage box, and silver tissue paper. Flexible and adjustable, the Joque easily adapts to fit you whatever your shape and size. The stretchy material means the Joque becomes like a virtual second skin and makes attachments seem like a natural extension of the wear's body giving both the wearer and the receiver maximum pleasure! The Joque is also perfect for those with a vegan lifestyle. Ethically created by hand in the U.S Beautifully hand crafted, the Joque harness from SpareParts HardWear is a sexy and stylish two-strap style harness, which has been designed with comfort, quality, flexibility and fun in mind. The elastic O-ring is also stretchable making is suitable for a variety of different dildos and attachments including doubles, so you're spoilt for a choice and every use is a new experience. The simplicity of the O-ring means it's easy to use; you slide the toy of choice through the O-ring and slide out when you're done. As the O-ring is also made from the same stretchy material, it won't lose shape! For those of you who like packing, the Joque harness is the best harness available for pack and play enthusiasts! Want to play in the water? No problem! The Joque is ideal for the shower, bathtub, spa, or wherever your imagination takes you.

  • Material: Nylon / Spandex / Velcro

  • Machine Washable

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