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Introducing Your Partner to Kink

Wednesday, April 26th, 7-9pm

Tickets: $30 for Singes, $58 for Couples


Do you have kinks that your lover doesn't know about? Has 50 Shades made you want to try something new? Not everyone is kinky but a lot of vanilla people are kinkier than they know. We’ll talk about broaching the subject, negotiation for beginners, where to learn the basics, what NOT to do and how to deal if your interests simply cannot match. Kink is a wonderful way to deepen intimacy, explore yourself and your partner, and have a hell of a lot of fun. Isn’t it time your lover found that out?


About the Presenter:

Mary Cyn is a burlesque performer, sex educator, and dominatrix with over a decade of experience in polyamory and kink. She wants to help people find joy in their life by living as authentically as possible. We’re all weirdos, let’s enjoy it!

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