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Healing to Love


HEALING TO LOVE with Sensho Wagg

You get to enjoy your life! You get to LOVE your life!

How can you LOVE? How can you LIVE IN LOVE?

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Have you tried (like I did) a few ways (well, maybe many, many ways) to find your path, your purpose for being, your enjoyment in life? And each thing seemed to help, but then it falls short and your dream of really living joyously ebbs...until the next new idea about how to fix yourself?

Learn with Sensho in an intimate, lively and comforting atmosphere, to see your wholeness, freedom, resourcefulness and possibilities. Abuse, sexual abuse and incest may be considered (and discussed compassionately and in confidence). You will learn how to change your life into what you’ve always wanted!

November 12th, 2017

12:00pm - 2:00pm

About Presenter:

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Sensho left the organic foods industry and her prenatal/midwifery/breastfeeding practice to enter a Zen Buddhist monastery for 7 ½ years of training-in-residence in upstate New York and NYC. During her 20 years of deep practice and training she cooked and baked for crowds of 100+, she was a professional Nanny and apprentice speech pathologist in New York City, and she became a composer (you’ll experience her deeply inspirational and soothing music during the workshop).

After deep introspection and transformation, Sensho recognized that her most profound yearning was to inspire people to find themselves by helping them navigate to and activate their dreams. Earning certification as a professional transformation coach, Sensho began living her own passionate dream of service.

She helps people realize how to express their true voice; how to be their authentic self. Sensho speaks to some overlooked and still taboo realities of abuse, sexual abuse and incest. She inspires welcomed, and sometimes radical shifts in the lives of her clients.