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Twisted Monk Hemp Starter Kit


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Twisted Monk Hemp Starter Kit


Twisted Monk Hemp Starter Kit


Just getting started? This kit of hand-finished hemp rope is bound to please! With an instructional DVD, safety shears, and multiple lengths of rope, you'll be fully equipped to consummate your rope fantasies! This kit provides two easy-to-handle 10ft lengths of rope, perfect for wrists and ankles, and one 30ft length, suitable for a variety of ties and ideal for torso bondage - all at 6mm in width, the most versatile diameter of rope. Hemp rope, aside from being considered a more traditional choice for rope bondage, has a unique texture and naturally sweet grassy scent. Hemp rope tends to friction-burn less easily than cotton or synthetic ropes when drawn across the skin. Unlike cotton and synthetic ropes which are typically braided, this is a more robust twisted rope which holds knots effortlessly while still being easy to untie. Hemp rope also ages uniquely to each individual's tying style.

All Twisted Monk rope is ethically sourced, fully conditioned, and ready to use. Whenever possible, their raw materials are obtained from fair trade producers. Twisted Monk hemp is processed with vegan, allergen-free oils. Twisted Monk rope is made from the finest Romanian and German hemp, and finished with their trademark bomb-proof whippings, which are backed with a lifetime guarantee. In the event that you have to cut your Twisted Monk rope due to an emergency, they will replace it. 

Kit includes:

  • 1 x 30ft length of 6mm rope
  • 2 x 10ft lengths of 6mm rope
  • Safety shears
  • Getting Started DVD
  • Quick Reference Safety Card
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