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Like any craft, rope bondage begins with learning techniques. And for those interested in getting an introduction to a world that may initially seem uncomfortable to some, Azmi’s curation and event selections are both refreshing and informative.

In early 2016, Please will be offering classes for parents that will focus on ways in which to discuss sex with their children. You can view their events page — which is meticulously updated — for all upcoming classes.

Based on the class, I think it would be best to get to know what is happening at Please. Let’s not solely keep it a best-kept secret

South Slope News on Yin Quan’s Rope Bondage 102 Workshop

Sexual communication is a skill you develop with practice (and perhaps by reading some good books and coming to some good workshops). The only way you can get to that magical psychic place where you don’t have to say a word is if you do a lot of talking beforehand. Dirty talk can be communication about boundaries, desires, and design, or it can be a sex toy unto itself, a vibrator for your mind.

South Slope News on Tina Horn’s “Dirty Talk” Workshop

The new shopping hours are a logical extension of Please owner Sid Azmi’s views on sex: she believes that customers should be proud about their efforts to nurture their sexuality, rather than embarrassed, she told DNAinfo New York in April. Her store is designed to feel welcoming and tasteful, she said, to attract customers who may need help rediscovering their sexual selves.

But the shop’s floor-to-ceiling windows might be intimidating Park Slope parents who’d prefer to keep their sex lives — and vibrators and wrist restraints — to themselves.

DNA Info on Please’s Discreet Shopping Hours

While many sex shops are shrouded without windows, reminiscent of the seedy adult video stores of bygone days, Please invites their guests in. Floor to ceiling glass walls and rich hues seem to beckon, announcing confidently that they have nothing to hide.

Maxim Magazine, A Writer Works in the Shop For a Day

It’s undoubtedly a luxury to walk down your street and wave hello to the neighborhood sex shop owner. With a background in medicine and a knack for making each person she meets feel perfectly at ease, Sid was the perfect person to talk to about play as she embarked on the adventure of starting her own sex-related business. Just like her store, she is honest, not salacious; inviting, not intimidating.

A Women’s Thing Profiles Please’s Owner and Founder, Sid Azmi

Please, a new adult boutique on 15th Street and Fifth Avenue, sells vibrators, lubricants and wrist restraints, but if customers want to explore their sensual side by buying some bath oil, that’s fine too.

Owner Sid Azmi wants to ease people into taking control of their sex lives and her store aims to be friendly and unintimidating. Most of all, she never wants customers to feel ashamed walking into her boutique.

DNAinfo Gives Us a Glowing Review

With light pouring in and the windows wide and open to the world, many have asked why this “novelty store” doesn’t have curtains and blinds to shield those inside from the embarrassment of going in, and even staying! But when you meet Sid and listen to what she has to say, it’s all so obvious. The open windows reflect her philosophy of being open to discussing issues of relationships and of sex. Sid really feels that there is an opportunity to engage the community conversations around themes regarding all aspects of sex and sexual behavior.

All About Fifth Welcomes Us to the Neighborhood

“Please-ing is now in season” reads the window of a new shop opening this weekend on the corner of 5th Avenue and 15th Street. The shop — which teased with a sign that read “everyone deserves a happy ending” — has its awning up and a note in the window that says the business, named Please, will open this Saturday, March 7 at 557 5th Avenue.

South Slope News, Anticipating Our Opening

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