About Us

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Our Mission

Please is dedicated to rediscovering sensuality, intimacy, and passion as integral parts of the human sexual experience. By nurturing a belief that sex is intimate, not illicit, we aim to change cultural views of sex for the better. We want to make talking about all aspects of sex comfortable and open– through failures and pleasures, through illness and health, at any age, in every way.

Please is not: your run-of-the-mill adult novelty store.

Please is: your destination for rediscovering and activating your sensuality. For bringing your questions, your curiosities, your excitements and your anxieties. For learning and for sharing. For talking openly, honestly, and comfortably. For re-kindling your fire or igniting it for the first time. For fostering education, entertainment, and discussion through our online presence, events, and workshops. For finding not only toys but books, body products, loungewear, and audio media– things that excite all senses and the mind itself.

Rather than focusing on sexual anatomy, let’s focus on the sexual beings who lie next to us, who are us. Bodies and minds can be sexy, too. Sex isn’t just parts fitting together. Please believes it can and should be a holistic experience where all senses are engaged– sight, sound, taste, touch, and the mind– to create a more rewarding experience for all. Let’s bring sex back to where it first sparked a light and made us shiver all over.

Please: Rediscover sensuality.


Our Staff

Sid Azmi, Owner and Founder of Please

Sid was born and raised in Singapore. Her unique upbringing provides her with a compassionate and intelligent perspective on sex, sensuality, and sex education. As a mother and healthcare professional, Sid is committed to enriching the community through education, workshops, and open dialogue. She founded Please in March 2015 and hopes that it will be an integral part of the health and well-being of the Park Slope community!

Read more about Sid here!

Lauren S,  Workshop and Events Coordinator at Please

Originally hailing from San Francisco, Lauren has been calling Brooklyn her home now for almost 13 years. Her interest in sexual education began nearly a decade ago when she started organizing and presenting workshops on consent, positive sexuality, and relationship dynamics with a local volunteer collective. This experience inspired her to pursue a career in social work, and now when she’s not at Please she provides counseling and psychotherapy to survivors of multiple kinds of trauma. She brings a queer-friendly, kink-positive, and anti-oppressive lens to her work, and she strongly believes that sex and intimacy can be powerful forces for healing. Lauren has been helping out with the development of Please’s workshop curriculum and event schedule, as well as the day-to-day floor operations of the store. She is excited to be involved with the start of an independent business that is deeply invested in providing accurate, inclusive education about sex and sensuality.

Jessica B,  Resident Product Specialist at Please

Jess is a queer artist and Please’s resident toy specialist. She is fascinated by the mating rituals of all species and commonly debates whether ducks’ sexual organs are evolutionarily advantageous. She remembers what sex.com looked like in 1997 and it wasn’t very informative. Jess is proud to be part of the knowledgeable team at Please, advocating body-positivity and radical consent as foundational components of comprehensive sex-ed to the Brooklyn community. When she’s not curating dildos, she works as a caregiver and volunteers with Rock Camp for Girls, which seeks to foster camaraderie and empower youth. Her favorite holiday is Folsom, and she really, really wants a dog.

Larissa P,  Public Relations at Please

Larissa is a freelance writer and artist, covering race, gender, and sexuality at a variety of online publications. She’s getting her master’s in media, culture, and communication from the Steinhardt School at New York University, which is a roundabout way of saying she’s getting an advanced degree in art and sex and the Internet. Larissa is deeply passionate about good sex-ed and teaching our friends, partners, and family how to take care of each other, and she’s delighted to be part of Please, which brings this educational and sex-positive focus to the local community.

Mallory W, Alumni Book Buyer and Post-Inventory Slut at Please

Mal is from New York and lives right here in South Slope.  She recently graduated from women’s college with a degree in contemporary philosophy.  When she’s not at Please she is part of the events team at a radical feminist bookstore,  riding her bike, playing pool, or buried in some quality lesbian fiction.  She loves Please because of the commitment we all share to body safety, sexual diversity and educated consuming.